It’s Not How It Looks.

It’s What It Can Do.

Web3 is quickly providing exciting growth opportunities through digital wearables.

Our proprietary wearable stack allows for authenticated, layered experiences that exponentially monetize physical and digital merchandise.

The Web3 world means ever-accelerating growth in technology. In turn – if Apple Watches, Fitbit, and Pebble have taught the world anything –  it also means that smart wearable devices will become the norm due to their functionality and ease of use.

Fortunately for our clients, droppLabs specializes in scaling your Web3 digital assets with the physical reality via an array of proprietary IoT wearables and partner collaborations. From mixed reality entertainment through smart glasses, to paper-thin and washable Near Field Communication (NFC) tech embedded seamlessly into high-end fashion, droppLabs will deliver results and end-user satisfaction for your wearable creation or improvement project.

With our wearable technology solutions, droppLabs can provide our clients and their consumers with the assurances and added benefits of:

  • Authentication & anti-counterfeiting: Verified hashgraph/Blockchain record so your customers know they are purchasing genuine products
  • After-sales service: Clients can “tap” the NFC tags to unlock customer support, exclusive new brand deals, and more
  • Supplemental digital content delivery: Cross-sell products that compliment the wearables

With the surge of wearable tech expectations, droppLabs will position your company to be a leader in the enterprise wearable space.