The Network Effect

The key to true business growth in Web3 is Ecosystem Ownership.

Through our digital asset strategies we will empower you to own, control and monetize your audience and stakeholder network.

Ecosystem ownership is positioned against the grain of Web 2.0. Historically, to leverage the power of the Internet,  businesses were at the receiving end of a tidal wave of conventional advice pushing these organizations towards third party platforms and infrastructure designed to “monetize” an audience while disempowering them from meaningful control over their data and assets. 

Web3, on the other hand, embraces a future where individuals and organizations own their audiences, and where those audiences are empowered to exchange value for the things that matter to them.

Our clients benefit from droppLabs’ experience, technical expertise, and creativity to launch and support the tokenization of a business products, branded intellectual property, and consumer base. This empowers our clients with true ecosystem ownership.

By providing consulting, development and tech platform offerings for token cross-market compatibility, digital registry advising, DAO creation and governance, and other cryptocurrency-related technical services, droppLabs is able to demystify the complex intersection of technology and economics to deliver real functionality and customer engagement benefits to our clients.

​​For example, droppLabs has been able to use tokenization to revolutionize the rewards and loyalty programs. With droppLabs’s tokenization services, interactions and purchases by your business’ returning customer base could be: 

  • Distributed and allocated with token rewards, as opposed to cash or “points”
  • Monitored for key data points that would provide insights at the “1st party source” across an integrated ecosystem
  • Served as a multi-purpose e-commerce medium for purchases in physical goods or within the metaverse (e.g. Augumented Reality pop-up shops)

With tokenization, the possibilities of creating a dedicated and committed customer base are endless. Intellectual property, such as music, custom apparel, can be “twined” and authenticated by NFTs and utility tokens, which compounds all purchases through smart contracts. Further, partnerships can be created with the leading digital decentralized platforms, opening new purchasing opportunities that physical assets could not allow. 

With droppLabs, the only obstacle in your tokenization and cryptocurrency strategy is your imagination!