Alternative Realities

Mixed-Reality (MR) – Augmented Reality (AR) – Virtual Reality (VR)

Ground-breaking innovations - but often mis-understood.

Our cutting-edge technology will bring your business to life by bridging the physical world to the digital world with maximum connectivity and accessibility.

At droppLabs, we know that alternative realities will define the future of our perception and communication, and impact the way we see and interact with reality.

To provide our clients with the future-proofing they need to succeed, droppLabs has positioned itself as a leader in the rapidly expanding global augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR) marketplace.

Now, our cutting-edge technology essentially merges the physical and digital worlds together, bringing your products and services to life. Through droppLabs, Web3 e-commerce and digital shopping will be visual, immersive, and mobile.

For example, we can turn virtually anything into a digital storefront – from images, web pages and mobile apps, to smart mirrors and wearables.

In particular, our clients can leverage dropplabs’ augmented reality “’try on” experience. Consumers are able to “try on”sneakers, hats, and other items through an AR extension that can be integrated into our client’s native web apps and e-commerce vehicles. This can also lead to new social activity in sharing “try on experiences” and collecting valuable consumer preference data.