droppLabs is a holistic Web3 solutions provider and platform. The dropp360º operating system applies a unique “Dream, Develop, Deploy” approach that transforms all aspects of an organization to win in the Web3 world.

droppLabs is led by an elite team of uniquely qualified creative, technical, and business executives. It has developed multiple proprietary patented innovations in Ai/ML object recognition, streaming, AR, MR, VR and crypto.

droppLabs is a wholly owned subsidiary of dropp Inc. which also owns and operates the droppTV platform – the industry-leading operating system for “shopatainment,” that brings together video streaming, mixed reality and experiential commerce.

droppTV harnesses droppLabs’ ground-breaking, proprietary technology to connect consumers, creators and brands through an interoperable ecosystem allowing for streamlined experiential commerce between the physical and digital worlds.

droppTV’s frictionless user journey delivers a tremendous monetization model for creators and publishers. It also enables brands to achieve enhanced affinity, increased conversions and granular attribution for data. In addition, droppTV offers unique comprehensive experiential NFT and social token capabilities, empowering partners and consumers to generate even greater value in Web3.